Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Veles-The Black Ravens Flew Again (2004)

Most recent release from Poland's Veles. This album has a slightly more refined sound than it's predecessors, but nonetheless, this is an absolutely grand pagan black metal album. I would say this album is more comparable to mid/later Graveland (complete with Darken playing the keys on this album), but Veles still manages to maintain their own individual sound that makes this a damn good listen. Der Sieg Records. 

1. Intro  1:52
2. The Loyalty for Country  4:16
3. We Chopped by Swords  7:12
4. Glory for Heroes  6:06
5. Circle of Wolves  5:33
6. Time of Revenge  5:26
7. The Song of Zarathustra  3:51
8. Outro  5:11

Total Running:  39:27


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eternallydamned said...

The best of Veles' stuff!