Thursday, May 15, 2008

Candlemass-Tales of Creation (1989)

Fourth full-length release from the Swedish masters of doom metal, Candlemass. Considered to be the last album of Candlemass's golden era (their first four albums). Here, we have the crushing, doomy riffs and atmosphere that made Candlemass famous, complete with the epic feel they put into their music. There are even some occasional traditional metal and power metal influence on this album, but not in an overt, genre-departing way. This is doom metal the way it's supposed to be. Recommended! Music For Nations. 

1. The Prophecy  1:28
2. Dark Reflections  5:06
3. Voices in the Wind  0:14
4. Under the Oak  6:00
5. Tears  4:13
6. Into the Unfathomed Tower  3:04
7. The Edge of Heaven  6:26
8. Somewhere in Nowhere  3:47
9. Through the Infinitive Halls of Death  5:07
10. Dawn  0:26
11. A Tale of Creation  6:55

Total Running:  42:46



Les Kostinas said...

I Love Candlemass

Anonymous said...

Thank so much!