Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Forest of Fog-Nebelhymnen (2005)

Second album from Swiss melodic black metal masters, Forest of Fog. This is yet another amazingly crafted album, full of wonderful, very memorable melodies, and a very cold, raw, and dismal atmosphere. Highly recommended. 

1. Feuersturm  7:18
2. Die Klage des Windes  5:16
3. Des Frühlings Ende  7:06
4. Vergessener Traum  6:29
5. Augenblick des Zorns  6:44
6. Chaos  5:04
7. In Vergessenen Ruinen  10:14
8. Wenn ich Sterbe  7:58

Total Running:  56:00


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eternallydamned said...

If I would choose Abgrunde as the best of this swiss dark diamond, I will choose this one as the second best. Hymns as Die Klage des Windes, Vergessener Traum and Wenn ich Sterbe are deepest cuts in my ears and soul. Typical FOF work is composed of absolutely genious guitar melodies and riffs, supreme crafted drum machine and impressive synths, but dont await some orchestral orgy, these synths are just accompanion for lead instrument, just for creating more misty and melancholic atmposphere. I like the one man projects as my best, when I choose my best bands ever, most of them are one man bands. Its easy - when some great talented person has an music ideas and he is able to play all the instruments, then he isnt forced to share / thin these ideas with another musician, which simply cannot give born to ideas of someone else. This is exactly the case - this music comes from one mind, one musically great talented mind and what is important - it comes straightly to you, with no compromises, with no disruption, with no dilution. When THIS is not on the top of melodic BM, then nothing is.