Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Veles-Night on the Bare Mountain (1995)

Debut full-length from a now well-known band in the Polish scene, Veles. This is raw, traditional, second-wave-sounding black metal is very well-made, with a heavy focus on atmosphere (thanks in no small part to the great Rob Darken of Graveland, on keys), and some spectacular pagan black metal riffs. Recommended to anyone who loves rather epic, atmospheric black metal, especially from the slavic scene, and anyone who is a fan of Darken's work. No Colours Records. 

1. Night on the Bare Mountain  2:38
2. the Winter Morning  3:35
3. A Dark Dream  5:23
4. the Final Battle  2:06
5. Majesty of War  3:31
6. My Bloodthirst (the Horrorstorm)  5:57
7. Born of Darkness  4:54
8. My Pagan Fatherland (Evil Power's Night)  5:02
9. Forest of the Horrifying  1:29

Total Running:  34:35


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Liza said...

This is a masterpiece.