Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lurker of Chalice-L.O.C. (2001)

The first demo from now well-known USBM act, Lurker of Chalice. Lurker of Chalice is a sort of side-project for Wrest, the man also behind Leviathan. While Leviathan is his outlet for sick n' twisted, dark and depressing black metal, in Lurker of Chalice, he opens up his experimental side a lot more, creating washing, post-rock-like soundscapes, industrial overtones, neofolk influence, and of course, some of his black metal influence, to create a very unique and wonderful sound. I highly recommend all the work of Wrest, and this first demo is no exception; while it is slightly more raw in sound than later L.o.C. recordings, don't let that deter you from a wonderfully dismal listening experience. 

1. I  9:33
2. II  6:22
3. III  9:44
4. IV  8:25
5. V  10:00
6. VI  13:20
7. VII  13:03

Total Running:  1:10:27

United States of America

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