Monday, May 26, 2008

Lifelover-Pulver (2006)

Easily one of my favorite black metal bands of all time, Lifelover is a very unique and completely ass-kicking new(ish) band from Sweden. They play a mixture of depressive black metal, with post-punk and shoegaze elements thrown in. This is a must for fans of bands such as The Cure and Joy Division, as well as those of you who love Amesoeurs, Alcest, and all of Neige's projects, as well as Forgotten Woods and Joyless. Just overall, an absolutely incredible release, full of beautiful, melancholic melodies, a sick and twisted depressive atmosphere, absolutely anguished vocals, bizarre and rather morbid samples... just beginning to end, a phenomenal release. HIGHLY recommended. GoatowaRex. 

1. Nackskott  3:16
2. M/S Salmonella  5:00
3. Mitt Öppna Öga  3:32
4. Kärlek-Becksvart Melankoli  4:44
5. Vardagsnytt  2:50
6. Avbrott Sex  2:07
7. Stockholm  4:13
8. Söndag  3:16
9. Herrens Hand  2:45
10. Medicinmannen  0:43
11. Nästa Gryning  6:25
12. En Sång Om Dig  3:40

Total Running:  42:31