Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thyrfing-Farsotstider (2005)

Thyrfing's most recent album presents the evolved sound of the band. Far from the strictly viking black metal of their first album, this record incorporates more varied influences, and the music is presented with a much heavier edge than ever before. While the folk influence is still here to be found, it is more easily obscured by the crushing riffs found throughout. Recommended. Regain Records.

1. Far åt Helvete  5:06
2. Jag Spår Fördärv  4:21
3. Farsotstider  4:31
4. Höst  4:46
5. Själavrak  5:11
6. Elddagjämming  6:45
7. Baldersbålet  3:47
8. Tiden Läker Intet  8:01
9. Jämvidjors Dans  5:47

Total Running:  48:15


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