Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Turisas-The Varangian Way (2007)

So here it is, the most recent Turisas release. For my money, one of the best, most unique, most epic, most engaging folk/viking metal releases of our time. The entire album is a concept album about a group of Varangians journeying to the far away capital of the then-known world, Constantinople. Every song is meant to be a sort of "stop" or an observation along this journey, from Finland, past Holmgard (Novgorad, Russia), down the Dneiper River, across the Baltic sea, and finally, to Constantinople. If you let yourself get into the story, and fully engage yourself in this album, it's one of the most rewarding listens in the folk metal world. Absolutely epic, bombastic orchestral parts, beautiful, delicate acoustic passages, Warlord Nygård's now much-refined and wonderful voice, and even a full choir, lends this release a very cinematic quality that you will just be immersed into... this album is a masterpiece, beginning to end. I cannot recommend this enough!! Century Media. 

1. The Holmgard and Beyond  5:17
2. A Portage to the Unknown  4:50
3. Cursed Be Iron  5:03
4. Fields of Gold  4:34
5. In the Court of Jarisleif  3:17
6. Five Hundred and One  6:18
7. The Dneiper Rapids  5:20
8. Miklagard Overture  8:18

Total Running:  42:57


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