Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ensiferum-Victory Songs (2007)

While there are many differing opinions amongst fans about whether or not Ensiferum sans Jari is any good, let me be one to say, YES, they absolutely are! This album is yet another amazing record filled with epic folk metal bombast, amazingly talent-filled riffs and solos, beautifully crafted songs... just absolutely great. And for my money, the song "Victory Song" is one of the best songs Ensiferum has ever written. HIGHLY recommended. Spinefarm Records. 

1. Ad Victoriam  3:10
2. Blood is the Price of Glory  5:17
3. Deathbringer from the Sky  5:10
4. Ahti  3:55
5. One More Magic Potion  5:22
6. Wanderer  6:32
7. Raised by the Sword  6:10
8. The New Dawn  3:42
9. Victory Song  10:38

Total Running:  49:56



eternallydamned said...

Great idea of adding OBOE into this masterpiece of heavy epic sagas (check out the song nr 7, Raised by the sword).

Vinlander said...

I'm more impressed by the usage of Banjo and Uilleann pipes on this release... the Oboe sound you hear at the beginning of raised by the sword is merely a synth oboe.

eternallydamned said...

Really? Sounds very good, I thought that oboe is live-played...very well crafted, but I guess they are using much much more better synth than me, so probably this is the reason why it sounds so real for me!