Sunday, May 18, 2008

Forgotten Woods-Sjel Av Natten (1995)

Spectacular EP from Norway's Forgotten Woods. This album is yet another fine example of Forgotten Woods' interesting and unique take on black metal, fusing post-punk melodicism with depressive, melancholic atmosphere, and of course, their tried n' true black metal. Highly recommended, especially to fans of bands such as Joyless, Lifelover, Amesouers, and Woods of Infinity. Pagan Records. 

1. Sjel av Natten  11:10
2. En Natt med Storm og Ravners Skrik  10:28
3. Hvor Vinteren Rår  7:17

Total Running:  28:55


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Anonymous said...

I love any band that has a picture of a wolf on their cover.

-Zane of ontario honey