Friday, May 30, 2008

Thus Defiled-Weeping Holocaust Tears (2003)

Amazing 2003 release from one of the most underrated names in blackened thrash, Thus Defiled. After the dark and moody intro, this album kicks you in the face, right out of the gates. Ass-kicking, neck-snapping blackened thrash riffage of the highest order. As i've said before, this is a criminally underrated band in the blackened thrash scene, but if bands like Deströyer 666 and Nifelheim are your bag, or you're just looking for a solid, awesome slab of thrashin' black metal with a keen sense of melody, Thus Defiled is for you. Highly recommended. Shadowflame Productions. 

1. Awakened by My Summoning  2:28
2. Spiritual Abduction  3:29
3. of Shadow and Storm  8:02
4. When Seduction brings Forth Damnation  4:48
5. The Angelblood Chronicles  17:24
6. Fire Serpent Dawn  6:21

Total Running:  42:32

United Kingdom