Sunday, May 18, 2008

Forgotten Woods-As the Wolves Gather (1994)

A very unique band in the Norwegian black metal scene, Forgotten Woods has always had a very interesting and different approach than their fellow countrymen, preferring slower tempos, post-punk-influenced melodies, audible bass, and a generally more depressive atmosphere. Overall, I think Forgotten Woods is one of the most criminally underrated bands of the entire scene. For fans of bands such as Joyless (which is a side project of this band), Lifelover, and even Amesoeurs, and anyone wanting some unique, depressive, moody black metal. No Colours Records. 

1. Eclipsed  6:26
2. As the Wolves Gather  10:29
3. In My Darkest Visions  8:45
4. Winter  0:48
5. Grip of Frost  5:55
6. Dimension of the Blackest Dark  7:13
7. Svartedauden  1:49
8. Through Dark and Forgotten Valleys  9:01

Total Running:  50:26



Anonymous said...

forgotten forest is fantastic! another awesome band thats underrated, and from what i can tell, almost unheard of is Fimbulwinter. servants of sorcery is a masterpiece of BM.

Anonymous said...

They are more depressing music but I appropriate this type of music more because it's more real.

-Zane of ontario honey