Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Opeth-Orchid (1995)

Another change of gears for the blog for a while, i'm posting the Opeth discography because, A) I love Opeth, and B) I just saw them last night, and as always, they were great. Orchid is their debut full-length, and even though it is their first, it is undoubtedly a masterpiece. Filled with absolutely gorgeous melodies that stick with you, and lengthy, melancholic, folk-inspired parts, mixed with their trademark progressive death metal. People often dismiss Opeth as being too wankish or proggy and whatnot, but I urge you to really listen to their albums with a very open mind... what they write is absolutely genius stuff. As for this album, HIGHLY recommended. Candlelight Records. 

1. In Mist She was Standing  14:06
2. Under the Weeping Moon  9:50
3. Silhouette  3:05
4. Forest of October  13:02
5. The Twilight is My Robe  10:59
6. Requiem  1:08
7. The Apostle in Triumph  13:01

Total Running:  1:05:31



Cisne Negro said...

Have you listened to "Watershed" yet? Another masterpiece.

Vinlander said...

I'll be posting it later tonight. It is indeed absolutely awesome.