Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Explosions in the Sky-The Rescue EP (2005)

A wonderful concept album of sweeping, gorgeous post rock from Explosions in the Sky. As with all Explosions in the Sky releases, this is an album of cathartic, beautiful, sweeping, emotionally-charged post rock, that builds from moments to dream-like, ethereal beauty, to grandiose, triumphant, uplifting passages. As with all Explosions in the Sky material, this is HIGHLY recommended. Temporary Residence Limited. 

1. Day One  4:32
2. Day Two  3:47
3. Day Three  4:34
4. Day Four  3:00
5. Day Five  4:35
6. Day Six  5:18
7. Day Seven  4:23
8. Day Eight  2:35

Total Running:  32:48

United States of America