Thursday, May 15, 2008

Vehementer Nos- Vehementer Nos (2007)

Great debut release from French progressive black metal band, Vehementer Nos. This release includes violins, cellos, and double bass (all authentic instruments, not keyboards), as well as flute, and they combine brutal black metal sections, with gorgeous, juxtaposed acoustic sections, and very memorable melodies. Overall, a spectacular black metal release. Highly recommended. Osmose Productions. 

1. Contre le Cycle  3:48
2. Les Dévastés  12:01
3. Absurde  10:48
4. Seuls  9:18
5. Dans le Flôt  5:30

Total Running:  41:25



eternallydamned said...

Supreme!!! Extraordinery, rhytmically variegated music, classic bm work together with dark strings (violin/cello) sounds, together in the veil of brilliant sound and really eerie atmosphere...

ohtar said...

what a post
keep spreading seeds of hate