Saturday, May 31, 2008

Godspeed You! Black Emperor-F#A#∞ (1997)

I have no words to properly just how much I absolutely adore Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Certainly one of my favorite bands of all time, this is easily one of the most well-known and well-loved post-rock bands (Along with Mogwai and Tortoise, to name a couple). Godspeed is known for long, almost classically-arranged compositions (each song is broken into 'movements', much like classical music), that are unbelievably atmospheric and evocative, creating vast, sweeping masterpieces of sound, interjected with vox populi sound clips, to create something wholly unique and amazing. This debut album, from beginning to end, deals with the end of the world, in various forms, and the music certainly speaks to it: images of post-apocalyptic wastelands, twisted urban decay, clouded, dark skies, and complete desolation come to mind when immersing one's self in this music, yet there is a certainly uplifting and beautiful aspects to this music, as well. HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommended. To everyone. Constellation. 

1. Dead Flag Blues  16:27
I. The Dead Flag Blues (Intro)  6:37
II. Slow Moving Trains  3:33
III. The Cowboy  4:17
IV. The Dead Flag Blues (Outro)  2:00
2. East Hastings  17:58
I. ...Nothing's Alrite in Our Life.../The Dead Flag Blues (Reprise)  1:35
II. The Sad Mafioso...  10:44
III. Drugs in Tokyo  3:43
IV. Black Helicopter  1:56
3. Providence  29:02
I.  Divorce & Fever  2:44
II. Dead Metheny...  8:07
III. Kicking Horse on Brokenhill  5:53
IV. String Loop Manufactured During Downpour...  4:36
a. unlisted segment of silence  3:32
V. J.L.H. Outro  4:08

Total Running:  63:27



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