Monday, May 19, 2008

Forgotten Woods-The Curse of Mankind (1996)

Second full-length from Norway's Forgotten Woods. This is a further perfection of their beautiful, melancholic, depressive, yet raw and hateful black metal. Some of the post punk elements that pervade the music of Joyless, Lifelover, and Amesoeurs can be found here, executed in a very memorable way. Slower tempos, beautiful melodies, inclusion of the occasional acoustic guitar, lengthy, epic songs, and a raw black metal gloss over the whole thing. Highly recommended! No Colours Records. 

1. Overmotets Pris  12:14
2. My Scars Hold Your Dreams  13:10
3. The Starlit Waters/I, the Mountain  18:26
4. With Swans I'll Share My Thirst  4:40
5. Den Ansiktsløse  12:25
6. The Velvet Room  11:08
7. Jomfrulysets Fall  6:34

Total Running:  1:18:37



Anonymous said...

great blog
appreciate the forgotten woods link! tough music to find

Avelli said...

Yes, Thanks for Forgotten Woods! Could you please upload 'River's Edge' ?

Anonymous said...

Kinda scary cover for a album. Crows give me the chills.

-Zane of ontario honey