Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ulfhethnar-Streiter Germaniens (2001)

Spectacular demo from Ulfhethnar, the other musical project from Widar (Bilskirnir, Ødelegger). This is more R.A.C./Oi influenced black metal, but with Widar's special attention to melody. Essentially, picture Bilskirnir as a punk band, and you have an idea of what Ulfhethnar is. As is the case with Bilskirnir, I urge you to look past the lyrical content (which is highly nationalistic), if you have a problem with this subject matter; but instead, appreciate the music for what it is. As far as i'm concerned, everything Widar touches is gold. HIGHLY recommended. 

1. Kampfgeschlect  1:17
2. Er Fiel für Deutschlands Freiheit  2:58
3. Arche Noah  2:03
4. Battlesong  2:26
5. Streiter Germaniens  1:32
6. Des Blutes Stimme  3:20
7. Burn the Books (Squadron cover)  3:26
8. Den Ahnen  3:48

Total Running:  20:53


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Anonymous said...

The band is a mix of punk and metal then? Interesting

-Zane of ontario honey