Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bergthron-Uralte Gedanken EP (1999)

Spectacular little EP from Germany's Bergthron. Here, Bergthron melds their trademark raw pagan black metal, with some very wonderful neofolk stylings, great synth lines, and pagan atmosphere to create a very engaging listen. Recommended! Perverted Taste. 

1. Vergangene Zeiten  19:32

Total Running:  19:32


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eternallydamned said...

Bergthron is (un)fortunately not well known band (by my opinion), although their music is very, very good. They are quite original and independent band, which you will find with any of their release. They walk their own style, creating a special, ancient atmosphere. I recommend all of their materials, even new ones (especially the last one, Leben und Lebenswille), which are quite different to the old stuff (hard to describe - more influences, clean vocals etc), but they prove that they dont look on the main stream, CVLT and TRVE bands, or what is well-sold nowadays. They just express their feelings and ideas through their music and they do it fucking well!!! P.S. this band is also little bit mysterious...though Bergthron exists a solid couple of years, they actually dont have any live gigs, they dont give interviews, they dont appear in any other bands, they are...creatures from the deep, ancient forests :-)