Saturday, May 17, 2008

Forgotten Tomb-Love's Burial Ground (2004)

Stunning third full-length from Italy's Forgotten Tomb. This album has a much cleaner production than most DSBM bands, making it something akin to Shining's work; that being said, Forgotten Tomb has their very own unique, distinct sound, that is shown in aces on this album, with morbid, oppressive, dark, and melancholic melodies, cold, gut-wrenching vocals, their usual black metal influences, and the dirge-like, grave's pace tempos, similar to that of bands in the funeral doom genre. Overall, if you want a depressive/suicidal black metal release that will leave you feeling completely void of happiness (in a good way(?)), this is for you. Highly recommended. Adipocere Records. 

1. Malus Vivendi Part I  2:15
2. Kill Life  8:43
3. Alone  11:57
4. House of Nostalgia  13:09
5. Malus Vivendi Part II  1:04
6. Love's Burial Ground  10:55
7. Slave to Negativity  9:15
8. Forgotten Tomb MMIII  5:49
9. Malus Vivendi Part III  2:02

Total Running:  1:05:09


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Anonymous said...

Forgotten tomb is a kick ass band.

-Zane of ontario honey