Monday, May 26, 2008

Cor Scorpii-Attergangar (2005)

Absolutely amazing debut release from Norway's Cor Scorpii. After the unfortunate demise of Windir, half of the band went on to form Vreid, abandoning most of the melodic folk elements that made Windir great. The other half of the band, however, went on to form Cor Scorpii, and within the first moments of listening to this, you'll notice the true spirit of Windir carried through to Cor Scorpii. Very melodic, folk melody-infused black metal done right, with the trademark "Sogndal" sound that Windir pioneered. If you were a fan of Windir at all, you need this release; and if you have never listened to Windir, kick yourself, listen to them, and then listen to this. HIGHLY recommended. 

1. Fall of Man  5:27
2. Transcendental Journey  5:33
3. Attergangar  6:31
4. Når Enden er God  5:35

Total Running:  23:06