Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fornost-Der Wind hat mir ein Lied erzählt (2003)

Great full-length from Germany's Fornost. This is a very riff-oriented pagan black metal release, with some definite influence from the Norwegian second wave. It is also quite atmospheric, with clean vocal touches, acoustic sections (which have a faint similarity to later-era Bathory), and light synth touches, making this, overall, a very solid and enjoyable piece of black art. Recommended to all black metal fans, especially those who lean more towards atmospheric bm. Nebelfee Klangwerke. 

1. Towards the Fall of Time   9:46
2. A.F.K.B. (In the Sign of Total War)  3:29
3. Namenlos  7:15
4. Call of Nergal  3:01
5. Birkenwald  9:01
6. Amorph  3:00
7. Bustum  8:54
8. Outro  4:01

Total Running:  48:27


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eternallydamned said...

Fornost took my attention when appeared on one of Burzum's tribute. Listen to Amorph and die...!