Thursday, May 15, 2008

Black Messiah-Of Myths and Legends (2006)

Black Messiah is a folk/viking/black metal band from Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Melding beautiful folk melodies (including violins and mandolins), powerful riffs, delivered, at times, with black metal intensity. Really, a very underrated band, as this album is absolutely a gem. I'd recommend this for fans of bands such as Ensiferum, Wintersun, Varg, and even Turisas. A must for all folk/viking metal fans (And the Dschinghis Khan cover of 'Moskau' is a gem)! AFM Records. 

1. In Remembrance  2:01
2. Of Myths and Legends  5:57
3. Irminsul  5:21
4. Father of War  6:21
5. Sauflied  4:13
6. Howl of the Wolves  4:03
7. Erik, Der Rote  6:08
8. Lokis Tanz  2:07
9. Die Sühne Des Feuerbringers  6:19
10. Moskau (Dschinghis Khan cover)  4:45
11. The Bestial Hunt of the Fenrizwolf  4:29

Total Running:  51:44



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looking forward to this one.

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