Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thus Defiled-Through the Impure Veil of Dawn (1995)

First full-length record from, in my opinion, one of the most grossly underrated bands in the blackened thrash scene. While this first album leans more towards pure black metal with hints of death metal, the ass-kicking, thrashing juggernaut they were to become shines through in moments all over this album. Absolutely killer riffs, slayer-esque solos, headbangable, all-in-all amazing songwriting... it's all here. If kick ass blackened thrash is your bent, you'd be hard pressed to find many better bands than this. Dark Trinity Productions. 

1. Wings of Fallen Majesty  4:00
2. A Crimson Vision in the Glade of Shadowfire  3:28
3. Prelude to Midnight  1:14
4. Under Blackening Horizons  4:39
5. Through the Impure Veil of Dawn  3:11
6. Dreaming Beyond Dawnless Realms  4:44
7. Dominus Luciferi  4:01
8. Fear Us for We Are the Darkness  4:53
9. Darkness Rape the Tranquil Shore of Eternity  5:13

Total Running:  35:23

United Kingdom