Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thus Defiled-WIngs of the Nightstorm (1997)

Second full length from the British blackened thrash powerhouse, Thus Defiled. This album sees a departure from the more traditional black and death metal stylings of their first album, and sees them venture into the thrashier side of black metal, with absolutely incredible results. Absolutely ass-kicking riff after riff, delivered with the ferocity of black metal, and the headbangability of thrash metal, but with a higher level of proficiency than is standard in this genre. A MUST for all fans of bands such as Deströyer 666, Gospel of the Horns, Nekromessiah, and Nifelheim. Truly a terribly underrated gem of a band that will have you snappin' your necks in no time flat. Dark Trinity Productions. 

1. To Yearn that which Again Shall Be  2:38
2. Rapture of Twilight Burning  6:36
3. (Angelblood) The Tears of an Age now Dead  7:23
4. Through Eyes of Fire  6:39
5. Illumination Through Darkness (A Calling for the Chosen)  1:55
6. Winter's Dawn (Crowns My Empire)  3:38
7. Empire of Souls Bleeding  5:43
8. On Ravenwings I Fly  4:58
9. The Final Fall of the Light  10:07

Total Running:  49:37

United Kingdom