Saturday, May 3, 2008

Eluveitie-Spirit (2006)

Absolutely stunning debut full-length from celtic pagan metal band, Eluveitie. Everything here is top notch, with wonderfully crafted riffs, rousing male and female vocals, and a deeply celtic feel to all the music (In my opinion, this blows Cruachan right out of the water... but like I said, that's my opinion). The real highlight here is the integrating of traditional celtic instruments. On this album, we have fiddles, Irish Flute, tin whistles, Bass-Shalm, Bass-Crumhorn, Gaita, Uilleann Pipes, a Hurdygurdy, Accordions, 10-string Mandolas, and Bodhráns. An absolutely amazing debut, and HIGHLY recommended to anyone of the celtic music slant, who want something that'll deliver a kick to the teeth in addition to the celtic trad. music. Fear Dark. 

1. Spirit  2:32
2. Uis Elveti  4:24
3. Your Gaulish War  5:11
4. of Fire, Wind & Wisdom  3:05
5. Aidû  3:10
6. The Song of Life  4:01
7. Tegernakô  6:42
8. Siraxta  5:39
9. The Dance of Victory  5:24
10. The Endless Knot  6:58
11. AnDro  3:41

Total Running:  50:50


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