Monday, May 5, 2008

Eluveitie-Slania (2008)

Absolutely stellar second full-length from Switzerland's celtic metal horde, Eluveitie. This album is just absolutely fantastic, beginning to end, mixing very solid riffs (sometimes reminiscent almost of Amon Amarth, or some other melodic death metal bands...), pagan choir chant sections, and the highlight, a HUGE incorporation of celtic folk instruments... everything from mandolins, fiddles, hurdygurdys, bagpipes, tin whistles, it's all here, creating an absolutely pervasive and wonderful celtic atmosphere. For my money, the best mixture of metal and celtic folk music i've ever heard. HIGHLY recommended. Nuclear Blast. 

1. Samon  1:49
2. primordial Breath  4:19
3. Inis Mona  4:09
4. Gray Sublime Archon  4:21
5. Anagantios  3:25
6. Bloodstained Ground  3:20
7. The Somber Lay  4:00
8. Slania's Song  5:40
9. Giamonios  1:23
10. Tarvos  4:39
11. Calling the Rain  5:06
12. Elembivos  6:31

Total Running:  48:42


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eternallydamned said...

This is perfect...with previous album it is one of the best "celtic" pagan metal ever. Add. note: a man who is behind one of the best recent melodic black metal, FOREST OF FOG, plays guitar in Eluveitie.