Monday, May 5, 2008

Týr-How Far to Asgaard (2002)

Great debut album from the Farøe Island's Týr. This album is in the style of old 80's epic metal, with some heavy folk influence in the guitar riffs, as well the lyrical matter. A great album to see where Týr's beginnings are, and where they have come since then. Recommended. Tuti Records. 

1. Hail to the Hammer  4:34
2. Excavation  6:42
3. The Rune  6:42
4. Ten Wild Dogs  6:51
5. God of War  7:08
6. Sand in the Wind  6:24
7. Ormurin Langl  5:50
8. How Far to Asgaard  29:27

Total Running:  1:13:38

Farøe Islands

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