Thursday, May 1, 2008

Nordreich-Heil'ger Brand (2004)

Debut full-length from Nordreich. If you've checked out the previous album of theirs I have posted, you know this is high-quality material. Yes, it is very rawly produced- however, don't let that deter you from an absolutely rewarding and wonderful listen. This is very atmosphere-driven, epic pagan black metal, and certainly one of my favorite black metal bands of the last couple years. Epic, synth-laden songs, melodies that are very memorable, and an unforgettable atmosphere make this album a must for pagan black metal fans. HIGHLY recommended, especially for fans of Moonblood, Graveland, Bilskirnir, and even Summoning. Flammentod Produktionen. 

1. Einklang  1:07
2. Germanische Wiedergeburt  5:03
3. Angriff  4:04
4. Nordreich  1:17
5. Heil'ger Bran  3:56
6. Verlassen, vergiftet, zerstört  3:56
7. Vergeltung  4:21
8. Weiter und weiter ins Morgenrot  5:00
9. Widerstand bis sich mein Blut auf Heimatboden ergiesst  3:17
10. Revenge (Bilskirner cover)  3:51
11. Stehet auf  5:18
12. Wartet  4:12
13. Teiwaz  4:15

Total Running:  49:37


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