Thursday, May 1, 2008

Nordreich-Verschlungene Pfade (2007)

Second full-length from Germany's Nordreich. While this album is more riff-oriented (as opposed to the heavy synth usage on other albums), this album is undeniably great, with some of the best pagan black metal riffs i've ever heard. Every single song is a winner, and I cannot recommend this band highly enough. Wotanstahl Klangschmiede. 

1. Erwachende Weisheit  4:48
2. Auf Hels Pfaden  5:32
3. Versteinerte Freiheit  5:31
4. Verfall  5:41
5. Blutsturm  4:40
6. Von edlem Geschlecht  7:06
7. Fyrfos/Ausklang  5:44

Total Running:  33:18


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