Thursday, May 1, 2008

North-Thorns on the Black Rose (1995)

Debut full-length from now rather well-known Polish pagan black metal band, North. This is raw 'n grim pagan black metal, filled with an old-school vibe, reminiscent of Darkthrone in some places, but with a very distinct sense of melody, and a pervasive pagan atmosphere. Recommended. Astral Wings Records. 

1. The Heretic Kingdom  5:49
2. As hermits Return  5:58
3. Purity of the Tyrants  3:51
4. December Thoughts  8:16
5. Ages of the Reign  8:25
6. Thorns on the Black Rose  5:44
7. In the Circle of the Kings  3:44

Total Running:  42:02


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