Friday, May 2, 2008

Nuit Noire-Lunar Deflagration (2004)

More weird n' wonderful music from France's Nuit Noire. This is where Nuit Noire's unique sound began to solidify, blending the simplicity of punk, with black metal, and infusing it with a uniquely French melodic sensibility. This is hard music to describe... one must simply listen to it. Some of the most unique black metal I have ever heard, Tenebras has created for himself an instantly recognizable sound that is incredibly catchy and addicting. Highly recommended. Creations of the Night. 

1. Magical Blast  2:15
2. Fairies of Paper  3:19
3. Ton Stupide Chemin  2:28
4. Voice of the Night  3:04
5. Spectres  2:38
6. Don't Fear to go Through the Window  2:51
7. Sword that Doesn't Hurt  2:54
8. Vers la Lune  2:56
9. Les Fées  3:24
10. I See the Moon Between the Trees  2:59
11. Tourbilion  3:06
12. Night is Everything  3:46

Total Running:  35:40


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