Thursday, May 1, 2008

Nuit Noire-Once Upon a Night (2000)

A very enigmatic, admittedly bizarre band from the French black metal scene, Nuit Noire has been around for some years now, blending melodically-inclined, very-obviously-french black metal, with some of the aesthetic of punk rock, an obsession with all things related to the night, and very distinct and unique vocals. This early demo retains far more of the black metal elements, but over time, they have evolved and created a very unique and instantly recognizable style of black metal. If you have an open mind, and want to hear some very rewarding and interesting black metal, give Nuit Noire a try. Drakkar Productions. 

1. Quand la Nuit Tombe  4:22
2. By Full Moon  4:50
3. Black-Eyed  3:59
4. La Clariere  4:06
5. Magical  4:50

Total Running:  22:07


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